Research & Developments

Headed by our founder Dr. Venugopal Murugapillai, A principal scientist in biopharma industry who has extensive experience of phytochemicals and natural product derivatives. He has developed 70+ natural and synthetic compounds related to phytochemical and natural product derivatives.

32+ years of experience in deviating from synthetic drugs towards the natural drugs combinations and taking care to provide quality natural products.

Our Senior Lead Scientist, Dr. Vinodh Kumar Radhakrishnan has 14+ years of experience in Molecular Medicine. Expertise in Genome variant analysis pertaining to Human genome sequencing and OMICS focus related to human Cancers and Metabolic Disorder.

Specialized research on, Growth Hormones Epigenetics, Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Methylation, Mitochondrial disorders towards Diagnostics and Drug discoveries. Trained B-Tech, M-Tech, and MD/PhD students towards precision and personalized medicine.

R And D

Now VENBIOTECH is a globally established biotechnology company and leads in the fields of natural products, API’s isolation, microbiomes and the emerging Next-Gen Sequencing space to cure metabolic disorders.

With local and international facilities and a global distribution network, our Research and Development enables researchers in academia and the biomedical field to make cutting-edge global discoveries.